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tariq_aliToday I stumbled across a lecture given by Tariq Ali on World Literature at SOAS, London. Although I don’t agree with everything said, I think the issues that Ali voices here are well worth further thought.

Tariq Ali: World Literature and World Languages (opens a new tab/YouTube)

If this whets your appetite for all things Tariq Ali, then his personal website is well worth a visit – Tariq Ali’s Personal Website

JamesonAli’s lecture, though, reminded me of watching a lecture given by Fredric Jameson on World Literature at Duke University some years ago. The conclusion that he reaches concerning the meaning of World Literature is, I think, well worth bringing into conversation with Ali’s position.

Fredric Jameson: World Literature (opens a new tab/YouTube)

In any case, I hope you enjoy these minds thinking out loud over the meaning and significance of World Literature.