HKIIThis is the second in a series of student work dedicated to interrogating creatively the concept of diaspora. There are some powerful emotions being played out here:

“Learning to Love Hong Kong” (after Shirley Geok-lin Lim’s “Learning to love America”)
by Ho On Yiu Angie (22 March, 2016)

Because it is filled with people of the same Chinese blood

Because there is more seafood
Because the climate is more tropical
And because the question, is there enough land for other species is rhetorical

Because this is a place where my parents consider home

Because I live in Hung Hom
I have tasted first-hand poverty
And poor people strive better in adversity

Because my senses have caught up with the city
My breath with the filthy air it swallows
My auditory with the noise pollution it crackles

Because I enjoy the only personal space in my room

Because I share the same language with them
Because for them I am certainly not a gem
Because I have seen my eyes tear up in front of the mirror asking who I am
Because I answer my whole life has been a scam

Because being one of them means to be unnoticeable
Because going with the flow is the only option viable
Because communism makes everyone and everything uncomfortable

Because typhoon season will have an end
Because when the red army comes we only have ourselves to defend

Because it is late and too late to change my mind
Because it is time.