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Failing MachinesHow about some shameless self-promotion?!

September will see the publication of two books that I have put together.

The first book, to be released on 1 September 2016, is titled The World of Failing Machines. In this book I outline what I think the impact of speculative realism might be on the study of literature.

In order to do so, I run through some of the schools of criticism that have in one way or another shaped our current understanding of the relationship(s) between author, text, and reader over the last century.

I would like to think that I talk about these schools of criticism in a fairly palatable manner, and as such I would hope that those who are thinking about literary theory and criticism for the first time would find this book useful regardless of their interest in speculative realism. That said, I also think that there will be something in this book that will fire the interest (perhaps that should be the “ire”) of even the most seasoned literary critic.

You can pre-order your copy now (with a 23% discount!) by clicking on the image above. The release date is 1 September, 2016.

CoutoThe second book, to be released on 16 September 2016, is titled A Companion to Mia Couto. In this book, I work with Professor David Huddart to bring together the leading criticism in English on this important writer from Mozambique.

It features, among others, the work of such acclaimed critics as Emeritus Professor David Brookshaw (Bristol); King John II Professor of Portuguese, Phillip Rothwell (Oxford), Australian Professorial Fellow, Bill Ashcroft (UNSW), Professor and Chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Luis Madureira (Wisconsin-Madison), and Professor Stefan Helgesson (Stockholm).

This book will be a useful addition to the libraries of all those who are interested in the discussions that emerge from the fields of African literature, postcolonial studies, and world literature.

You can pre-order your copy now (with a 10% discount) by clicking on the image above. The release date is 16 September, 2016.