BLClick on the image here to zoom over to a truly remarkable literary resource that has been developed by the British Library – the Discovering Literature: 20th Century website.

In consultation with leading scholars of literature, the British Library has digitized and subsequently made available some of the literary drafts, rare first editions, notebooks, and letters (among other extra-textual material) of some of the twentieth century’s most important writers.

Once one has seen JG Ballard’s own scrawl over the first typed draft of Crash!, one can never again forget the many voices that populate any work of literature.

The Discovering Literature: 20th Century site has two sister sites that will appeal to those who are interested in earlier works of literature. For those interested in eighteenth and nineteenth century literature, the British Library’s Discovering Literature: Romantics and Victorians is a must. Similarly, for those interested in the Bard, one should head over to the Discovering Literature: Shakespeare.