japanThis is the last in a series of four student pieces dedicated to thinking creatively about the concepts of diaspora and transnational literatures.

It is a short poem that plays with the notions of memory and nostalgia.

“I, I, I”
by Wendy Huang (14 November, 2016)

Zero to two, embroidery on your shoes.
Running in fields, waving red scarfs from school.
Tieh Lieh Leh! said the little tiny you,
and wished to stay in the fields forever, with countless cantaloupes.

Three to five, miso was what you like.
Feet in kotatsu, singing ballad for the night.
O ka wa li! said the little tiny you,
and wished to stay forever, with delicious miso soup.

Six to now, no more embroidered shoes,
no more kotatsu and no more miso soup.
Memories are fading and only feelings are remained.
But feelings are remained and you are on my name.
Ho leng arh! I say to the little tiny you,
and wish to stay forever, in the boundless navy blue.