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The “Written by Others” tab of On World Literature features interviews with and essays on (and by) some of the leading writers of the day.

This edition of Written by Others features an interview with the infamous author of American Psycho. At his provocative best, Bret Easton Ellis gives an interview that has already produced a raft of responses from all quarters.

Do you agree with his position?

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“Bret Easton Ellis Thinks You’re Overreacting to Donald Trump”

Bret Easton Ellis
interviewed by Isaac Chotiner (11 Apr 2019)

“When did people start identifying so relentlessly with victims, and when did the victim’s world view become the lens through which we began to look at everything?” So begins Bret Easton Ellis’s take on, of all things, Barry Jenkins’s film “Moonlight,” which he describes as “an elegy to pain.”


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