_MG_7356I should probably begin by saying what “On World Literature” (OWL) is not – it is not a book review site. There are some excellent book review sites, but this is not one.

Rather, OWL is primarily a means for me to sketch out some preliminary thoughts and ideas about the texts that I am currently reading – texts from around the world. As a professor of English Literature at one of Asia’s leading universities, my quarry is a little different to most. When I read, I am interested in discerning the specific elements of a text that allow it to work in a particular way. In this, I take my lead from the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze; and so one may rightly think of my writing on literature as characteristically Deleuzian in genesis and appetite.

That said, I also want to use this space as a means to provide “hooks” on literary theory for those who are interested. It is the one aspect of studying literature that nearly everybody finds challenging and therefore, simply, difficult. However, I think if we can keep in mind three or four key elements of each literary theory, we will be much better placed to read and understand the work of the great theorists of the twentieth century.

So, OWL promises to unite my literary passions – literature from around the world; literary theory; and the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze. I might also sneak in some news on noteworthy events in the world of literature. In any case, I hope you find something of interest on its pages. I look forward to reading your comments and using them to rethink my ideas about literature.

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