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This session concerns the thoughts of the Norwegian writer, Karl Ove Knausgaard. Here he talks to Andrew Anthony, explaining his move away from the world of psyches and interior monologues, and towards his new passion for the grand (objective world of the) Outside. You can read the full interview here, on The Guardian website.

“Contemporary Fiction is Over-rated”

Karl Ove Knausgaard interviewed by Andrew Anthony (11 Feb 2018)

When we last spoke three years ago, you said you’d become bored with your style of writing. Is the Seasons Quartet a move away from that style?
I wanted to do something different from My Struggle – be much more objective, not introspective. I wanted these books to be about the world outside. There is hardly any psychology or inner turmoil. I wanted them to be happier, to get away from everything that I associate with My Struggle.

They contain stunning descriptions and beautiful passages but you say you’re not interested in writing good sentences. What do you mean by that?
I want to reach emotions, to establish a presence in the book that the reader can relate to. For that, the beauty of a sentence can be disturbing. I’m not against a good sentence, but it’s not what I’m trying to achieve.

In Spring, you describe the pressures placed on your marriage by your ex-wife Linda’s depression, and your resentment that she was not taking responsibility for herself. Many writers would be fearful of being perceived as callous. Was that a concern for you?
I wanted to describe how something like that, a heavy depression, affects the surroundings, thinking, emotions, everything. You have to know that these are not correct thoughts, but that’s what comes up when you’re confronted with a situation like that. It’s important to be open about these things, not to be ashamed. She, of course, read it, and said it was OK, but she had already made a radio documentary about being bipolar, which is brilliant.


(Courtesy of The Guardian)

Read the full interview on The Guardian website


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